WordPress Website Creation

After we have established a 5-star reputation for our clients, it is time to examine and evaluate their website and develop the most effective strategy to achieve their business objectives. We have been designing websites since 1998 so we fully understand the value of having a strategically designed site that will present our client’s visitors with a high degree of professionalism and create a great first impression.

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WordPress Is Our Choice

We build all of our new sites on the WordPress platform unless there are some technical issues that would warrant otherwise. WordPress is one of the most popular and easy to manage content management systems (CMS). The platform offers a high degree of flexibility with regards to design and there are literally thousands of plug-ins available that can be added for little or no cost, which can enhance performance and functionality. For the end user, the site can be edited and updated without the need for special software or intensive training.

In addition to comprehensive multi-page websites, we also create specialized single page landing pages designed for lead capture. We will work with you to create the perfect platform to enhance the effectiveness of your next marketing campaign.

Present the Right Message

Your prospects may not know a lot about your company so having a website that presents them with the right message about your company is an important first step to building a long-term and prosperous relationship. There are several components that must be considered when designing or redesigning a website.

Here Are The 7 Most Important Elements That Constitute A Great Website Design.

  1. The first and most important consideration that nearly everyone ignores or puts very little emphasis on is to decide on the purpose of the website. Having a clearly defined purpose for your website before any coding or design work starts is an important first step to make sure that it will meet your expectations and provide a great return on investment. You can read more about our web design strategies.
  2. Appearance is probably the second most important design consideration. Your website must be visually appealing, look very professional and utilize colors that create the right mood for your target demographics. Subtleties such as this can enhance your conversion rate and the time your visitors spend on your site.
  3. User friendly navigation is an absolute must. A properly configured website must make it very obvious to your visitors how to find the information they are looking for. Links should appear in more than one place and the label should be clearly defined. It is also important to have pages that load quickly and require minimum scrolling especially for those visitors viewing your site on mobile devices.
  4. Unique valuable content is also a primary consideration to both your visitors as well as the search engines. People go online seeking information or solutions to their problems so it is important to have your content arranged in a short, organized fashion. Keep the paragraphs no more than 5 sentences and use bullets whenever practical to break up the content and make it easier to absorb.
  5. Having a good call to action is vital. Nearly every website I have worked on was ultimately designed to make money for the client in some fashion. Therefore there must be a logical flow of information and a clearly defined call to action to direct your visitors to your desired end result. This could be a variety of possibilities depending on what type of site it is but examples would be to make an online purchase, schedule an appointment or in-home demonstration, subscribe to your mailing list or just pick up the phone and call for more information. Either way, you must know in advance what your objective is and tell the visitor exactly what to do.
  6. Functionality is important because you want to create a professional image and a positive experience for the end-user. These are important considerations for your viewers and especially the search engines. Broken links, pages that don’t load properly, missing images, grammar and punctuation errors are just a few of the types of things that will drive people away from your website and also have a negative impact on your search engine rankings.
  7. Search engine optimization needs to be built into each page. Aside from the factors that have been mentioned above, the content also needs to contain the right types of phrases that will increase your chances for favorable rankings in the organic search results. It is also important to have the proper page title, keyword tags and other technical details that the search engines look for. We take all of these factors into consideration when we build websites for our clients to give them the best chance of ranking well.

It’s All About Getting More Customers

The bottom line is we build websites that work. Whether it is a website redesign or first time site creation, you can be assured that the final product will be one you are proud of. It is important to have a well optimized site that can be easily found in the search engines but even more important that your site converts those visitors into paying customers. It’s all about getting more customers.

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