Reputation Marketing

Without a doubt, Reputation Marketing has become the single most important strategy that any business can implement. Without a 5-star reputation, all of your traditional online and off-line marketing campaigns will no longer be effective. Stop throwing away your marketing dollars and start building your five-star reputation today.

Your reputation is everything.

You may be familiar with Reputation Management services, however, that only addresses one side of the coin and doesn’t allow you to use your reputation to actively promote your business. To be frank, it’s a passive strategy. Have you ever even thought it was possible to use your reviews and public perception to your advantage? That’s what Reputation Marketing does; it blends Reputation Management with Brand Marketing to get the best of both worlds.

“You don’t make managing; you make money marketing.” This great quote is why we allocate a large portion of your campaign budget to marketing your reputation and reviews. We know that is what brings in more customers and clients and also increases conversions.

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Service Features:

  • Custom-designed marketing materials
  • 5-star reviews displayed on your site
  • Custom-designed company review page
  • Tracking system to monitor reviews
  • Review videos for social media and your website
  • Review image posting strategies
  • Location based reporting system
  • Personalized training center for staff members


Digital Advertising & Retargeting

We make sure our clients stay in front of their prospects. By using professionally-designed, proven, top-converting ads, we can “follow” a visitor around the web making sure you stay on the top of their minds wherever they go. Finally you can reach prospects who are a) looking for your specific product or service, b) looking for a reputable company like yours to attain those products and services from, and c) looking for a good deal. With our “10x Retargeting Strategy”, we have you covered in all 3 areas.

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Service Features:

  • Three professional ad designs
  • Three ad sets (69 different ad sizes)
  • Setup website retargeting to capture 100% of your website visitors
  • Setup and rotate ads on website to avoid “banner blindness”
  • Pay based on cost of impressions, not clicks
  • Long-term branding and the ability to follow up with visitors based on their engagement level
  • Follow your prospects 1-6 months until they are ready to buy