What some companies fail to give their marketing campaigns is an emotional value. Recent studies suggest that half of the time, brands are clueless on how to reach their audience at an emotional level. One possible reason for this is that most marketing campaigns are driven by profitability. Making a profit is, without doubt, an important aspect, but brand building isn’t just about the charts and ads, it’s also about establishing connections and understanding your clients beyond company reports.

3-D Experience

Reputation marketing services should be similar to a 3-D film: you should show something more than just the simple, flat surface, thereby allowing the audience to have a better experience. Take for example Nike’s “Find Your Greatness” campaign, or Dove’s attempts to challenge the idea of beauty; what made these ads successful is that they directly targeted their audience rather than the product. Clients are more than just figures on paper, they are individuals with ideas and beliefs. It is important that companies carefully study who their clients are; the question that should be answered is “what drives customers to make a purchase” instead of “how to make them purchase”. Adding value to a campaign makes your audience feel like they are part of your campaign, thus directing them to share or refer your company to their friends and family. Your online reputation is not validated by your own company, but by your customers.

Negative reviews are harmful to the company, which is why they need to be resolved as quickly as possible. The most effective reputation management service solution you can get, however, is tactfully addressing the negative comment, as well as the source of your client’s displeasure. This way, old negative reviews can’t be used against you, since you’ve resolved that complaint already. Companies like Your Marketing Crew, LLC can help you spread the positive reviews, and keep track of the negative one’s so that you can plan a way to address those issues.

Instead of running away from negative reviews, face them and respond by asking why their experience was unsatisfactory, and use that as a lesson. Negative reviews with absolutely no basis or simply stemmed from a misunderstanding should be clarified immediately before it creates a wrong, lasting impression. A small business in Tampa Bay and elsewhere should reach out to its audience and ensure that they are backed by the best reputation management services so as to create a brand that consumers can identify with on a personal level.


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