Last year, the world was shocked to see embattled Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan grace the West End stage. Everyone was aware of what Lohan had gone through and her gradual fall from the spotlight, and with her stage debut, people were curious as to what actually made her take the role in the first place.


Analyzing this instance deeper, branding experts can see that the more precise question to ask is why a film star whose troubled life was well publicized would opt to appear on a West End stage. This question can be answered when one knows and fully understands how to rebuild a brand, and Lohan hasn’t been the first one to do so. Their plights and their struggles to rebrand can actually be a lesson on reputation management for businesses, particularly those embattled with reputation issues.

Celebrities and Famous People who Rebranded

Formerly known as a property entrepreneur and a donor, David Abrahams became unpopular in 2008, when it was found that he had been donating through intermediaries for his identity not to be disclosed. After the issue, he instead devoted his time to secure peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis, presenting a side of his character not usually seen by most people.

Gordon Brown’s former spin doctor Damian McBride, meanwhile, had to resign after floating allegations regarding his alleged plan to spread rumors about politicians’ private lives. Though he served his penance by working at his old school, he then made a comeback by setting up a blog where he provides a behind-the-scenes look at government decisions.

Lessons on Reputation Management

Like Lindsay Lohan, these individuals found their reputations tarnished due to an issue, yet they were able to turn things around and, before anyone knew it, are now known for something different from that which first caught everyone’s attention. They were able to show people not only a side that’s unknown to most, but also provided them with a change of scenery.

On the other hand, sweetheart-turned-party-girl Miley Cyrus opted not to rebrand herself but instead chose to revel in her negative reputation and thrive on bad publicity. In a way, there are still lessons Miley Cyrus can teach brands on managing their reputation online. For one, she was able to make a scene among her audience and continued to add fire to her publicity, while at the same time presenting a human side to people.

Famous people like them can be your business’ source of inspiration when it comes to reputation marketing and management, and Tarpon Springs companies like Your Marketing Crew can help you with your branding efforts.


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